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You will get a small look at what we do and how credit enhancement REALLY work? 

What is your credit worth you? Is it worth a 30 minute connection call? 
Your Credit Score Gets You In The Door. You Credit Health Gets You The Wealth.
Your credit score is 100% based on how you treat your OPEN accounts.  Your credit health is based on what's ADDED to your credit reports (i.e. how fast you add new accounts, inquiries, personal information, late payments, derogatories)
We're Going To Ask Questions
We're going to ask questions to make sure we are both on the same page.  

We want to make sure:
1.  That we can ACTUALLY help you with our service
2.  Why you want to improve your credit at this time
3. What having good credit can get you.
4. You understand what it is we do so there's not miscommunication.
Complete A Credit Analysis
After we complete our connection call, you will have the opportunity for us to complete a credit analysis. 
We will look at your credit reports to see what we can and cannot assist you with. 
We will do a type of the analysis (for a small fee) and then send it to you. 
You will have a crystal clear look at your credit enhancement plan. 
Don't Forget To Schedule A Time
Don't leave this page WITHOUT scheduling your FREE Connection call.  
We want to know the best way we can help, if we are able to. 
We may not be able to help you and this is something we want to know early in the process. 
"This is by far the best credit service I've seen! Being able to speak to Marlon and understand what I need & don't need is AMAZING!"
Miakka Taylor
Hollywood, California
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